Praise for Water In Plain Sight

"Inspiring...We are accustomed to thinking of water as nourishing life, but Schwartz is focused upon the converse phenomenon: the ways in which life promotes water."

—Pacific Standard

"Schwartz makes a strong argument that solutions for water management must be localised, repairing small water cycles."

—Sustainable Food Trust

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"[Schwartz] examines how human activity has damaged global water and climate systems and provides an unusually hopeful vision of what we can do to restore them."

—Shelf Awareness



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News & Reviews

• May 2019: BBC World News interviews Judith Schwartz regarding the devastating UN biodiversity report

• April 2017: The Guardian – There’s another story to tell about climate change. And it starts with water.

• In March, Judith spoke at a day-long forum on climate and agriculture in the Mexican Senate

• January 11, 2017: Congressional briefing: How to Feed the World and Cool the Planet: Soil Is the Solution. Sponsored by Organic Consumers Association and Regeneration International.

• Last September, Judith testified on Congress at a hearing on 21st Century Conservation Practices. Watch her testimony

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October 13, 7:00 PM — Porter Square Books, Cambridge, MA

October 14, 7–9 PM — Harvey Wheeler Community Center, 1276 Main St, Concord MA. RSVP Recommended: biocanconcordarea {at}

November 9th–11th — Quivira Coalition 2016 Conference, Albuquerque NM

November 18th–20th — Biodiversity for a Livable Climate Conference: Restoring Oceans, Restoring Climate, Harvard University, Cambridge MA

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About Judith

Judith D. Schwartz is a journalist whose recent work looks at soil as a hub for multiple environmental, economic and social challenges-and solutions. She writes on this theme for numerous publications and speaks in venues around the world. Her 2013 book "Cows Save the Planet" was awarded a Nautilus Book Award Silver Prize for Sustainability and is among Booklist's Top 10 Books On Sustainability. A graduate of the Columbia Journalism School and Brown University, she lives in Vermont. Read more…

About Water in Plain Sight

Water scarcity is on everyone's mind. Long taken for granted, water availability has entered the realm of economics, politics, and people's food and lifestyle choices. But as anxiety mounts - even as a swath of California farmland has been left fallow and extremist groups worldwide exploit the desperation of people losing livelihoods to desertification - many are finding new routes to water security with key implications for food access, economic resilience, and climate change.
Animated by stories from around the globe, Water In Plain Sight is an inspiring reminder that fixing the future of our drying planet involves understanding what makes natural systems thrive.